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Quality so superior we put our name on it!


With Miskin’s as part of your team, you are assured of the very best!

Miskin’s Professional Cleaning has been in business since 2001 and has 30 years of combined expertise among our executive team.  We take pride in being able to communicate clearly and professionally with everyone we work with in each field. 

Every member of our crew is professionally trained with a focus on quality, efficiency, and safety. And we are pleased to offer you our impeccable standard of quality and workmanship.

Even if you clean your own building, want to save money on construction cleanup, or just need to know which equipment or chemicals will work best for your needs, we have the professional expertise you need, and we love to share!   We take such high pride in our work, that we put our family name on every job we do!

Why We Like Miskin's

Jeff Hopkin, M.D.

“Miskin’s are always professional and their quality is unsurpassable.  I very highly recommend them!”

Kristal Young, AMET, Inc.

After using Miskin's Professional Cleaning for just a few months they have our building looking BRAND NEW from top to bottom again.